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Let's Duet CD Cover Let's Duet
Yve Evans & Tom Hook

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The Magic of "Let's Duet!"
A few years ago, Yve and I were asked to present a two-piano concert at the annual jazz festival in Mammoth Lakes, California. The set we did that evening was simply one of the top ten performances of my career. Totally unrehearsed, Yve and I found each other in the ether that surrounds true music and created moments that were simply breathtaking. Since then we have performed as a duo several times, and each time is a different and equally wonderful story. There was no question in our minds that this recording had to be created the same way our live shows are — completely unrehearsed and free-spirited, by two dear and mutually respected friends coming together in another magic moment to make some art. Welcome to our musical love affair - Tom Hook

In the course of my sixty years in show business, there have been occasions, fortunate for me where musical magic happens in a most inexplicable way. My first concert with Tom Hook was one of those times. We were scheduled together to "duel with pianos"...because we are both of the "unpredictable" ilk. (No matter what happens, unpredictable is entertaining.) It was a concert to remember! Two artists, in the same medium...ready, willing and able to allow the other to shine...each doing their level best to elevate the other...taking each other to a plane that has the capacity for all the love in the universe...a prayer of gratitude sung in unison.
And here is the mystery: We don't even need an audience to do it. It only happens because we are together.
- Yve Evans

Yve Evans - piano & vocals
Tom Hook- piano & vocals

Record Label: AppleJazz Records
Catalog # CDAJCD0049

Produced for AppleJazz Records by Charlie Bertini
Executive Producer Karl & Susie Kessler
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jim Wheeler
Recorded 11/5/2013 at Soundtrek Studios, Riverside, MO
Mixed & mastered 11/6/2013 at Wheeler Audio, Kansas City, MO
Artwork and graphics by Dave Strong